Locksmith Training Courses - The Truth

There are a few myths around becoming a locksmith that are pedalled by quite a few locksmith training companies and organisations.

Here at Matrix Locksmith Training Courses, Chris will dispel a few of them below.

  • Quite a few locksmith training companies say that after training you will be “certified” as a Locksmith – this is completely untrue, there is no official certification for Locksmiths such as there is for electrical contractors and gas fitters.
  • There is no government approved body or licensing for Locksmiths the nearest entity there is of that kind is the MLA which offers its own non-governmental certification and is a trade body and non profit organisation.
  • As a Locksmith you can be subject to background checks under the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974. You can get standard level DRB disclosures from the MLA or other government certificated body.
  • There are no qualification requirements for a locksmith other than to attend a training course and undertake a basic security check.
  • There are no nationally recognised qualifications in locksmithing such as City and Guilds. Many training providers state you will get a City and Guilds in locksmithing, but this is untrue. These awards are tailored awards that a training centre has paid for to become accredited, they are not official nationally recognised City and Guilds certificates such as those for an Engineering apprenticeship.
  • Some training providers offer NCFE accreditation, again these are not certificates but are “accreditations”.
  • To clarify: Certification is taking the full apprenticeship, accreditation is when the results are based on how well you do in a final exam, or in other words Certification means you have written assurance from an official body you are up to specified requirements (City and Guilds Engineering) whereas accreditation is the formal recognition that you are competent to work to a standard. (WoolSafe® Accreditation)
  • UKAS is the sole national accreditation body recognised by UK Government.

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