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Choosing the right Locksmith Training Centre wisely. 

This is a topic I could write hundreds of pages about for many reasons. New Locksmith Training Centres spring up every month and it must be a nightmare to know where to start or how to choose wisely. Before you commit yourself and your hard earned cash please read the following guidelines in order to avoid any costly mistakes.

These are the questions you should be asking yourself:

  • How long has the company been trading as a Locksmith Training Company?
  • How long have the course instructors been practicing as full time locksmiths. Ask for their full names!
  • Put the feelers out and ask lock manufacturers and suppliers if they have ever heard of the company.
  • Ask for paper work such as purchase orders from BLUE CHIP clients to back up how long they have been established.
  • Do they design and manufacture a range of Locksmith tools?
  • Do they offer a 24-48 hr repair service on locksmith tools?
  • Have they ever presented themselves or their company at any trade shows?
  • Does their web site claim that in 2 to 4 days you will be a fully fledged locksmith and earning £1000 a week or more?
  • Check to see if the Training Centre in question is run by ex students of Matrix. We know of at least 3 or 4 training centres whos “instructors” are ex students of Matrix just a few years ago and are claiming that they are one of the oldest established businesses and that their course instructors have donkey years of experience!
  • We have documented proof of false statements made by of those particular centres. The fact is if you ask the right questions and push for answers you will either get the truth or a pack of BS!
  • Are they luring you in with offers to advertise your new company web site on their site, pretty ID badges, or even trade association logos and stickers for your van? All these are trinkets and no substitute for good training.
  • If these lures appeal to you then Matrix is not for you. We only offer no frills, honest solid training of the highest quality and value for money.

Firstly Matrix has been established as a Locksmith Training Centre for over 15 years. All our instructors have over 26 years of full time locksmith experience under their belt and when combined on a course we offer one of the most advanced and comprehensive locksmith courses, in surroundings that are fit for a Formula 1 Team. Our years of experience gaining knowledge and developing new techniques have been tried and tested over the years. Our BLUE CHIP client list speaks for itself surely? Simply make an appointment and come visit us or view our site in detail and we are sure you will feel 100% confident that you are in safe hands. Let’s get started with top quality training, tool and stock supplies and we can then educate you in how to put it all into practice to start up your own rewarding and satisfying career. Remember Rome was not built in a day!

The hands on approach gives all of our students an equal opportunity to understand and master the skills and techniques required to become a successful Mobile Locksmith. State of the art training facilities, expert on-tap advice and well paced tuition ensures that learning is efficient and easily digested. Every aspect of the course is demonstrated and then practiced until the skills are acquired. This course has been carefully designed and is presented by myself to deliver what I believe to be the most thorough, detailed and advanced 4 Day Lock Opening Course in the UK. What can I say, I think the less said the better.

At Matrix we like to offer all our clients the One Stop Shop Service. On completion of your course you can purchase all your tools, practice and UPVC doors, locks all at discounted prices on the day. Our showroom makes it easy to select your tools and we always have a huge selection in stock. Furthermore we also on the day offer all our students a Doctoring service on your tools. This means we take your new tools and adjust them where required to achieve optimum results.

In short the answer is NO. We provide it all, from tools, the locks, course notes, note pads. All we ask you to bring is your glasses if you need them for close up work etc.

Like any new business the more effort, time and money you put in, the more successful you are likely to be. Over the years we have seen many of our students grow, some more rapidly than others. As a mobile business you will need to get your name and contact details out in the open. This can be achieved very easily and even on a tight budget. Business cards, flyers, notices in shop windows, adverts on University and College notice boards, Business cards on notice boards in cafes, minicab offices etc. Leave you card with info desks at airports, letting agents, solicitors etc. The list is endless. Use the internet, get a website, get into free indexes, advertise in the local free newspaper and so on. Then you have the large call centres who, once you register with them, can start sub-contracting work to you. You will need to present yourself over the phone as confident, knowledgeable, and ideally ready to start work with your van, tools and stock ready to go!

At the present time there are no recognised government approved qualifications for locksmiths in the UK. You do not need a license to practice the profession either. Anybody in the UK is legally allowed to practice as a Locksmith. There are various trade associations that have been around a few years and others seem to spring up on a daily basis. I have been practicing locksmithing for nearly 20 years now and have never belonged to any of them. The certificate that you obtain from Matrix Locksmith Training Courses, acknowledges the fact that you have attended and passed to our high standards. The certificate is your proof of attending our courses and can be very useful when opening cash or credit accounts with new locksmith suppliers throughout the UK. The phone numbers of these suppliers will be given to you in order for you to start trading and obtain your substantial trade discounts. Without this certificated evidence most locksmith suppliers in the UK will refuse to deal with you.

We have created a list of the most popular B&B’s and Hotels that students have used and recommended to us. They are listed on the accommodation page. Please note that you will need to book in advance and that you are responsible for making your own arrangements with the chosen B&B or hotel. The cost is not included in your course fees.

Throughout all of the courses you attend we provide unlimited cups of tea, coffee, a large selection of cold drinks and various snacks such as chocolates, biscuits, cakes etc. We recommend you bring sandwiches with you as it’s a long day. If this is not possible we have a local shop less than 5 minutes away who make freshly made sandwiches.

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