The best judges of any training course are, of course, the students who have taken part. In these short video and written testimonials, hear from some of our students who are now running their own successful locksmith businesses.

Here they give you their honest opinions of Matrix Locksmith Training Courses and how the training has enabled them to start up from scratch and maintain a healthy, growing business despite the recession and difficult economic times for us all. Locksmith services will always be needed in every region of the country, year round.

So don’t just take our word for it, hear what these guys have to say about their locksmith training at Matrix.

We believe we are the best and these statements back up our boast.

All testimonuials are genuine, and independent and we have students’ kind permission to pass on their contact details for you to verify.


A true character who, prior to setting up his locksmith business, was a lorry driver for 24 years.

Pete has been running his Locksmith business for a number of years now and this career move has allowed him to finance his other great passion, music.

Peter now organises some of the best Soul Weekend do's across the Mediterranean in the summer time.


Well what can I say about this man?

Still one of the very best students to walk through our doors.

Formerly a full time tiler, Craig has turned his hand to Locksmithing in a very big way. The man's knowledge and skill levels since completing all of our course is phenomenal. A truly fantastic Locksmith and only been trading for a couple of years.


A carpenter by trade and someone I like to call "Mr. Perfect".

Matt came to us knowing exactly what he wanted and had his mission and aims clearly laid down.

Since completing various courses with us he did not waste any time at all in getting up and running, and now has his own very successful locksmith business.


Andy can talk for Britain, an absolute natural salesman and someone who possesses great skills with his hands.

I wish I could meet people like Andy every day. He still works as a locksmith to this day.


Well I will never forget Barry, as this man's past profession involved working on the actual original E.T. model.

Barry's background was in the film industry and he has also worked on some big time blockbuster movies such as Casino Royale.

Due to settling down and moving up north Barry decided to do most of our courses and is a man who now runs his own locksmith business.


Attended the course with his son a few years ago and they took to locksmithing like ducks to water.

It's great to see a father and son business established and working out so well. They make a great team and are now reaping the rewards of being their own bosses.

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