Why Become a Locksmith?

Locksmithing began in Egypt almost 4000 years ago. Today’s modern locksmith can trace their origins back to medieval times when blacksmiths made both locks and keys.

Locksmithing remains a skilled trade that is still in great demand as it caters for both the domestic and commercial markets. With no limit to the days and hours you choose to work and lucrative hourly rates, locksmithing can prove to be an extremely rewarding career. The only limit to your success is how hard you work and the level of commitment and enthusiasm that you bring to the job.

You Can Be Your Own Boss

  • You can be your own boss in complete control of your business and future
  • Gain immense satisfaction helping people and solving challenging problems
  • Every day, thousands of people need the services of a locksmith
  • No two days are alike, each day brings new challenges and experiences
  • You can choose to work the hours and days that suit you
  • You may transfer your skills to any location in the UK or even set up abroad
  • Locksmithing is an extremely enjoyable occupation
  • You need never be out of work or made redundant again

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